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This conference targets the decision makers, in both private and public sectors, technicians and senior executive officers.

  1. Ministries of Public Health | Finance | Economy | Social Affairs;
  2. Government Planners and regulators;
  3. Medical, Clinical engineers, Technicians;
  4. Medical ICT specialists and device designers;
  5. Clinicians and Surgeons;
  6. Research and Process Engineers, Scientists and Consultants;
  7. Regulatory and Clinical Engineers;
  8. Syndicates of Radiology Technologists;
  9. Hospitals Associations, Syndicates and Federations;
  10. Medical Drugs and Equipment Associations;
  11. Medical Drugs and Equipment Manufacturers and Importers;
  12. Medical TPA Companies;
  13. Medical Insurance Executives | Managers;
  14. Economists, Financial Officers and Venture Capitalists;
  15. Senior Analysts and Health Planners;
  16. Social Security Officers;
  17. Health and Medical NGOs.
  18. Directors and heads of human resources development and management departments in the health sector
  19. Medical portfolios management companies
  20. Unions of medical devices, equipment and drugs
  21. Engineers and supervisors in hospitals and medical companies
  22. Directors of health facilities, nursing and doctors
  23. Executive directors of health insurance departments in insurance companies