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This conference targets the decision makers, in both private and public sectors, technicians and senior executive officers.

Several prominent medical and clinical engineering experts and scientists will present papers on the latest updates in the biomedical and clinical engineering fields. The conference will bring together major Arab and international experts giving the conference a real opportunity to come out with an integral and practical vision on the healthcare management methods as well as the facilities and development of biomedical systems and technologies considering the economic impact of such methods on the countries’ development procedures from civil and industrial to production sectors.

The conference program includes two discussion sessions. (Details will be provided later)

C. Presentation
Opportunity to submit technical offers to the companies operating in the field of medical and clinical engineering and the techniques thereof. In order to give more information and details about the modern techniques and methods, the organizing company will provide the opportunity for the companies and organizations who wish, to submit technical offers about their products and programs during the coffee breaks. A specific location will be defined to this effect and offers may be submitted throughout the break in one of the following fields: radiation and medical imaging – medical and clinical solutions – clinical laboratories – operation rooms – dental engineering and surgery – hospitals design and furnishing.

Number of rooms: 3 Number of companies participating in each room: 3 Period: 20-30 minutes

To reserve the room and check the prices kindly contact the organizers:

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